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Family violence places enormous stress on families and, left unchecked, often creates a ripple effect that can be carried forward by future generations. Family violence can affect all aspects of a person’s well being and typically leaves its victims filled with fear, confusion and self doubt. The cycle of family violence needs to be stopped and stopped in a way that makes sense for the victims.

The fundamental principle of this Family Violence Project model is that at a time of stress and fear, people are able to make better decisions for their families if they don’t also have to use their limited emotional, physical and financial resources to navigate a maze of services.


The Family Violence Project of Waterloo Region provides a co-ordinated, compassionate response through the provision of services from a centralized location to people affected by family violence.


The vision of the Family Violence Project of Waterloo Region is to end family violence in our community.


– Everyone has the right to live free of violence and fear.
– All persons have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
– Services must be delivered in a victim-focused manner.


– World peace begins at home.
– Family violence is a learned behaviour.

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